TB-S230 Multi Stand


TB-S230 Multi Stand



The ToughBuilt® Multi Stand is an ideal tool designed to be both a versatile work support a second set of hands on the job site. Its clamping head locks onto 2x4s and pivots a full 90 degrees for complete adjustability. Plastic top rails allow materials to slide smoothly. This stand has easily adjustable height from 31.5” to 45.5” at full extension. The V-Roller Stand is like having an extra set of hands in your work shop, providing the support you need.

• Low friction slides keep your work piece on a true path.
• Clamp securely holds work pieces in place.
• Removable rubber clamp face protects your work surface from scratches and dents.
• Tilting head bevels from 0-90 degrees.
• Quickly adjust height from 32.1-48.8".
• Folds flat for easy storage.
• 2” box tube frame creates an extremely strong structure.
• Custom feet keep stand stable and secure.
• Heavy-duty steel construction provides strength and support.

Closed position: W 16.93 x D 5.91 x H 36.81”
Open, low position: W 16.93 x D 22.05 x H 32.09-48.82" 

Weight: 11.75 lbs

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  • Quickly adjust height from 27.5"-43.5"
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Galvanized steel roller provides support & smooth movement
  • 2” down tubes create an extremely strong structure
  • Custom feet keep stand stable and secure
  • Bold design